Maintaining Your Home Garden

Maintaining Your Home Garden Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be both enjoyable and rewarding. How great is it to serve your guests a salad that was picked directly from your own garden? Using herbs for your pasta dish that come directly from your garden can be not only fresh, but convenient as well. […]

Easy Ways to Recycle More at Home

Easy Ways to Recycle More at Home In our ever-consuming society, household waste is beginning to become a real problem. As landfills fill up and our natural resources and energy become scarcer, it is extremely important to start getting in the habit of recycling and reusing. Perhaps you already recycle in your household, or maybe […]

Natural and Nontoxic Ways to Clean Your Home

Natural and Nontoxic Ways to Clean Your Home Although convenient and easy to purchase at the grocery store, store-bought cleaners are loaded with chemicals that cause environmental pollution, may trigger asthma and allergies, and are usually unsafe if accidentally ingested. With so many unsafe chemicals in these store-bought, household cleaners, there are many people who […]

Micro Apartment Living

Give Micro Apartment Living a Try With popular television shows like Tiny House, Big Living, micro home and micro apartment living are gaining more recognition and popularity. More and more people are moving into large, cosmopolitan cities, and with property prices going up, there has been a surge in micro homes and micro apartments. But […]

Minimalist Living

So You Want to Try Minimalist Living? Keeping up with the world today can be tiring—there is always the gadget that we need to buy, more clothes we need to shop for, or the latest technology that is supposed to make our lives easier. Advertising and the media constantly tell us that we need more, […]