How to Successfully Host a Holiday Dinner Party in a Small Apartment

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Many people who live in apartments are hesitant to host holiday parties because they feel their place is too small or they’re worried it might disturb their neighbors. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can make the most of your quaint living space and host a holiday party worth remembering. Here are some tips to get you started!1

Do Some Rearranging

Take a close look at how your furniture is currently situated; could anything be moved around to make space for the pieces that are most essential for throwing a dinner party? Dining rooms tend to be smaller than living rooms so, if possible, try swapping your dining table with your couch or rearranging anything else you think will help free up more space.

Have a fairly small dining table? Not to worry! Instead of displaying all the food on your table, go for a buffet-style meal and set everything out on your counters so the only thing on the table will be your guests’ plates full of food.


Set the Right Mood with the Right Lighting

Take a moment to recall some of your fondest dining memories. Were they under obnoxiously bright, fluorescent lights, or were they complemented by dimmer, more intimate lighting? Bright lights are a real buzzkill, and make it difficult for people to feel cozy and at ease like they should at any dinner party, let alone a holiday one.

Mood lighting, on the other hand, not only creates the right atmosphere but can also help distract your guests from any possible imperfections in your home (like that stain on your rug or the fact that you haven’t dusted your entertainment center in some time). Dimming the lights, turning on low-light lamps and making use of any candles or tea lights you have can go a long way in creating a comfy, intimate space for gathering.

Little Touches Go a Long Way

Sometimes it’s the little, most unexpected details that end up commanding the attention of your guests. Anything you can do to engage them or pique their interest in a unique way adds a special touch to the overall event, whether that’s playing a certain type of music you all enjoy, creating a handmade sign featuring the evening’s menu, a chalkboard displaying the various beverage options or anything else you can think of.

Keep in Mind … This Is Supposed to Be Fun

Even the most meticulously planned, expensive parties have mishaps here and there, so if something goes awry don’t let it bring down your mood or stress you out. There’s a reason your friends are your friends, and you can be sure they won’t be critiquing every little aspect of your soiree like your mind (in host/hostess mode) may lead you to believe.

So if the turkey seems too dry, you run out of a particular condiment or beverage or anything else slips up, brush it off, move on and remember – you’re all here to enjoy each other’s company and make the most of the holidays.

Last But Not Least, Sincerely Thank Your Guests

Don’t make it a long, drawn-out speech, but be sure to take a moment to sincerely thank your friends and family for coming and playing their part in making your holiday party one for the books.

Don’t Let a Small Living Space Hold You Back

Throwing a dinner party in an apartment may seem daunting at first glance, but with Westbay Management Company’s spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments for rent in the Lansing and Jackson, Michigan areas, you’ll have all the space you need to make the most of the holidays. For more tips to help maximize your living space or to speak with a friendly leasing agent about floor plans and availability, contact us today.