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So, you have decided to take the next step and move in with your long-term boyfriend or girlfriend. While this time of your life can feel exciting, it can also be met with feelings of anxiousness from both you and your partner. What will it be like sharing your space? What are some habits and quirks that your partner may have that you aren’t aware of? The process of getting to know each other in this new way doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking, and you can definitely have fun creating a home together. Here are some tips courtesy of Westbay Management Company of what to expect when moving in together for the first time, and some tips to make the transition more seamless and enjoyable.

Before You Move In

Before you take the plunge and start living together, look through all your things and donate or throw away things you may not need. Now that you are both sharing one space, you won’t need two coffee makers or two dining sets, so decide what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. Decide on items that you may need to purchase together and create a budget for yourselves. Prior to moving in, discuss your budget, chores, and any other concerns that you may have about sharing your space with the other person.

Getting Used to Living With Another Person

Getting used to living with someone can take some time, so allow yourself to be patient and have fun with the transition.

The following are a few tips to make the transition flow easily:

  • Give your partner space when they need it. It can be overwhelming sharing a space with someone for the first time, so make sure to give each other personal time.
  • Make sure you have a conversation about chores and bills before moving in to avoid any conflicts in the future.
  • Respect your partner’s space and belongings. Remember that just because you are both living together, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your individuality. Respect your partner if they say they need some alone time, and never throw anything away that is theirs without asking first.
  • Celebrate your big move with a housewarming party! Now that the both of you are creating a home together for the first time, celebrate this milestone with friends and family.
Make Your New Space Your Home

At Westbay Management Company, we have the perfect spaces for you and your significant other to begin building your lives together. With convenient amenities, beautiful landscapes, and spacious apartments and homes in Lansing and Jackson, it is the ideal place to start this new chapter in your lives.

To find out more about our available rental apartments and homes, give us a call today!