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Large commercial building with multiple windows
Give Micro Apartment Living a Try

Popular television shows like Tiny House, Big Living, micro-home, and micro-apartment living are gaining more recognition and popularity. More and more people are moving into large, cosmopolitan cities, and with property prices going up, there has been a surge in micro homes and micro-apartments. But what is micro-living, exactly? A micro-apartment is usually a studio apartment no larger than 350 square feet with a functioning bathroom and kitchen space. Depending on the city that you live in, these apartments can be bigger or smaller with more or fewer amenities in the unit. Living in a micro-apartment can be both challenging and exciting, and depending on your lifestyle, maybe a good fit for you. Read on for a discussion by Westbay Management Company.

Why live in a micro-apartment?

With a strain on natural resources, growing rental rates, and a minimalist lifestyle becoming more popular, many people in cities around the world are choosing to live in micro-apartments. These apartments are usually found in big cities, like New York City or San Francisco, and attract young professionals who would like to be in the center of town without paying a crazy amount for rent. With the minimalist lifestyle gaining popularity, many people are realizing that they don’t need much in order to live and survive.

Is a micro-apartment for you?

Living in a micro-apartment is not for everyone. If you are willing to sacrifice space and having a lot of possessions, it may be a good option for you. As most micro-apartments are in city centers, living in one may be convenient and a smart decision for young professionals. With innovations in design and more compact spaces being built in big cities around the world, living in a micro-apartment may be a unique and exciting experience. However, if you prefer to stretch your legs out on a large couch in the middle of your living room, perhaps a micro-apartment isn’t the best choice for you. At Westbay Management Company, we have a variety of large, spacious apartments and properties for you to choose from. Located in gorgeous landscaped communities, our apartments are comfortable and roomy with more than enough space to stretch your legs!

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