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2 Bedroom Apartments in Lansing, MI

Apartments in Lansing, MI

If you are looking for an apartment in Lansing, MI, Westbay Management has you covered. Our apartment homes are not only good quality, with great amenities, but they’re also affordable. We have several different locations with spaciously designed one and two bedroom apartments featuring open layouts, fully equipped kitchens, large living areas, modern lighting, high-quality flooring, and roomy bedrooms. How does an open layout one bedroom differ from a studio apartment? Let’s take a look at what a studio apartment actually entails.

What Is a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments, sometimes called studio flats, are typically the least expensive apartment option available. That’s why they are popular with young people who are just starting out on their rental journey. A studio apartment is one open space, with the kitchen, living area, and bedroom sharing it. A studio apartment layout is usually smartly designed, to make it possible to live in one space, and they sometimes have an alcove or loft space dedicated to sleeping.

How Big Is a Studio Apartment?

On average, studio apartments are between 500 and 600 square feet in area. Bear in mind that this small space holds everything including the bedroom, kitchen, living area, and separate bathroom. Sometimes they’re a little bit larger, but the small space is what makes them affordable.

What do studio apartments look like?

It can be helpful to visualize a studio apartment as a box with space to live inside. The exact studio apartment design will vary, but a studio will always contain the bedroom, kitchen, and living area in a small, neat space. There may be slight separation or visual interest provided by partial walls or alcoves, but the only part of a studio that is a separate room is the bathroom.

Pros of a studio apartment

There are plenty of things to like about a cozy small studio apartment and the fact that a studio apartment’s rent is low tops the list. Square footage is one of the primary factors in the cost of a property, so having such a small space means studio apartments are typically inexpensive. The smaller square footage is preferable to some people, who find it easier to clean, heat, and cool. What’s more, the open-flow layout can provide a fun decorating opportunity, and for minimalists, a studio apartment may be the perfect fit.

Cons of a Studio Apartment

Of course, there are pluses and minuses to everything. While a studio’s small size makes it a great money-saving opportunity, it also makes finding enough storage a challenge. Living in a studio requires efficiency and organization because every inch must be used in a way that maximizes the space. Studios can be great for single people, but if you live with a partner or roommate, you should expect to be in each other’s faces, with very little personal space. There is also no room in a studio apartment for guests, and it can be difficult to host parties or have friends over when you’re working with so little space.

What Are the Differences Between Studio Apartments and One-Bedroom Apartments?

The difference between a studio and a one-bedroom is really just that a one-bedroom apartment has a separate room for sleeping. Sometimes, one bedroom also has a slightly separate kitchen.

  • Studio apartment features: Studio apartments have all components of the apartment in one single, compact, self-contained space. The bathroom is the only separate room, though loft spaces and partial walls may divide and separate the space. Studio apartments are inexpensive and require careful organization and decorating, to make the most of the small space.
  • One-bedroom apartment features: One-bedroom apartments are often similar to studios in layout, but they are larger, with the bedroom separated from the rest of the apartment. While the kitchen and living room are part of the same common are, the kitchen is sometimes separated by partial walls or dividers. One-bedroom units often come with more storage, closets, and sometimes features like in-unit laundry, and the extra space provides more privacy and more room for furniture.

Decorating Tips in a Studio Apartment

When you are working with a small space, you have to make careful design choices.

  • Use furniture that doubles as storage. Because you will not have extra closets, you will need to find clever ways to store the things you need. There are plenty of furniture options that allow this, like coffee tables, ottomans, and even couches with storage hidden inside.
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter. This can’t be stressed enough, because a studio filled with personal items can quickly become oppressive. Before moving to a studio, get rid of all your unnecessary stuff.
  • Use the walls! Vertical space is often wasted, but in a studio apartment, every square inch counts. Wall shelves, tall shelving units, and other creative ways to use the wall space can make your studio more functional while also adding your own signature style.
  • Visually separate space with furniture and decorations. Living in one room doesn’t make you can’t have designated spaces. Boxy furniture like couches and chairs can help create visual separation, and you can also choose to hang curtains or use folding screens for privacy.

Is a Studio Apartment Right for You?

A studio apartment can be a good option for a single person or a couple, if you don’t mind being cozy. However, the lack pf privacy and limited space can make living in a studio apartment challenging. Whether or not a studio apartment is a good fit for you depends on what you want and need in a living space.

Westbay Management Has Your Next Apartment

Whether you are looking for an apartment, a house, or a commercial property in Lansing, MI, Westbay Management has what you need. Committed to keeping our properties affordable while investing in their quality, we provide our clients with apartments and houses that meet our high standards, with the very best living conditions, community features, and amenities. Our one and two bedroom apartments feature affordable monthly rates and many amenities, including indoor or outdoor pools and activities at the clubhouse for the whole family. In our beautiful suburban neighborhoods, you can buy or rent a home on a tree-lined street with green spaces and well-maintained parks nearby, and it won’t break your budget. And when you need conveniently located office space, our commercial properties offer a spacious office environment with a professional appearance and everything you need to run your daily operations. Don’t wait to find your perfect place! Call us today at or contact us through our website.