Complications of Living with a Pet in an Apartment

Although pets makWestbay Apartments, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Lansing and Jackson MIe great companions, not all pets are suited for apartment living. While homes generally have open backyards for your pet to claim as their own space, most apartments are confined quarters without backyards. The lack of open space may affect your pet’s happiness, making them feel closed off and lethargic.

Homes with backyards are expensive investments that are a luxury to afford these days, making apartment hunting the next best option. Fortunately, there are ways to make living with a pet in a smaller apartment work.

Tips for Living with Your Pet in an Apartment

Apartments can be noisy, busy places but there are ways to keep your pet comfortable and happy with your living arrangements.

  • House train your pet

    – Housetraining a puppy in an apartment complex can be a challenging task, especially if you live on the second floor or above. You can purchase “pee pads” at a pet store to start training your dog if they’re still a pup. If they’re older try developing a routine to get your dog to go in a grassy area. Just make sure to pick up your dog’s waste; your fellow tenants and landlord will appreciate it.

    For cats there’s always kitty litter. Just make sure to change it often to prevent waste odor from spreading. If your cat roams outside, make sure it’s not spreading waste around the apartment complex by housetraining it to its litter box.

  • Devote time daily to your pet

    – Being alone all day can take its toll on your pet. Try to make time for them daily by taking your dog for a long walk or playing with your cat. Your pets need attention and physical activity to stay happy so provide them with both daily. If you’re short on time, take your dog for a short walk around your apartment complex. It’ll familiarize your pet with its surroundings, making them feel more comfortable with your living situation.

  • Get your pet vaccinated

    – The close proximity of apartment units and shared outdoor spaces makes it easier for diseases and parasites like bedbugs and ticks to travel from host to host. Vaccinating your pet not only guarantees your pet’s safety, but the safety of other pets in your complex. If you notice ticks on your pet, delouse them with proper treatments. Many can be store-bought, but if the infestation persists take your pet to the vet so they can be treated right away. Notify neighbors with pets if your pet has or has had parasites recently so they can inspect their pet and prevent parasites and disease from spreading further.

  • Communicate with your landlord

    – Before signing a lease agreement, speak to your landlord regarding your pet and your pet’s needs. It’s best to notify your landlord that you’re moving into the complex with a pet; failure to do so can result in a breach of your lease agreement and you may find yourself forced to move.

    If your pet is well behaved and friendly, your landlord may allow you to move in regardless of lease requirements. Your landlord may even place you in a unit that is pet-friendly, depending on your location.

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