Love on a Budget

Paying rent, loans, credit card bills, utilities and your other expenses can sometimes make budgeting for a holiday like Valentine’s Day difficult. It can be tricky to not splurge on expensive gifts for a loved one, but depending on your financial situation it may not be in anyone’s best interest. Although marketers love to flood the market with expensive Valentine’s Day products and goodies, here are some ways to express your love without buying into it all, staying within your budget and still creating lasting memories.

DIY Love

Love is best expressed directly, without the bells and whistles that accompany Valentine’s Day. The hassle of crowded restaurants, delayed food service and loud conversations around you can sour any romantic mood, but a quiet meal at home is a great start. All you have to do is set the mood.

To start, pick an area or areas where you and your love will spend the most time that night. If you’re cooking decorate your dining table and kitchen. If you plan on watching a movie, add some plush cushions and comfy comforters to snuggle up with in the living room. Don’t go overboard by decorating with stereotypical Valentine’s Day products. Choose something sentimental that means something to the both of you, or celebrate something that brought you together.

  • Did you first meet at a movie or event?

    If you saved the ticket stub, put it in an envelope, write your love’s name on it and it’ll be like you’re inviting them to your special event all over again.

  • Share a favorite memory from a local beach?

    Buy a glass vase and fill it with sand, seashells and other items from that beach and prominently display it. Or you could create a mini diorama using the actual sand and seawater and place some cheeky, funny figures to represent you and the person you love laying out on the beach.

Whatever you do, try to incorporate things that mean something to both of you, otherwise it may feel one-sided or may make your significant other feel insecure that they didn’t put in the same effort you did. The more creative you are, the more your loved one will appreciate it.

Funny gifts and themes are a great option too, just make sure your significant other will understand it.

  • Have leftover dishes and silverware from your wedding?

    Set up your dinner table just like it was at your wedding but instead have a buffet of pizza or other favorite foods you love to indulge in with an equally indulgent cake in the middle. For a cheeky accent take two plastic Rock’em Sock’em Robots and put them on top of the cake, just like the plastic figures on your wedding cake. If you want something more romantic, but still funny, place a famous pop culture couple on top (like Han Solo and Princess Leia action figures).

  • Share a dog or pet together?

    Instead of pampering each other all day pamper your pet instead! Take your pet for walks, feed them their favorite treats, have their hair cut or take them to pet parks. Play catch with your dog in the park or groom your cat together. Not only do you get to bond together, but you get to include your pet in the Valentine’s Day festivities and show them some much-needed love and affection.

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